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Feature Friday with Founder of the QSAW Network, Alyy Patel

Queers for a Cause

June 2021


Queer South Asian Gender Fluid Womxn Share Their Story

Equally Wed
February 2021


Meet Alyy Patel, Founder Of Queer South Asian Women’s Network (QSAW)

Bust Magazine
August 2020

Queer, Desi and Killing It – Introducing Alyy Patel

50 Shades of Gay
June 2020


Valentine’s Pride: Praanee and Alyy – “We’re Desi, Gender-fluid"

Urban Asian

February 2020

Alyy Patel: Equity Heroine

Her Campus
February 2017

Extraordinary Student of the Month:
Alyy Patel

The Varsity
November 2016

Halton Pride event in Burlington day of celebration

Halton Insider
August 2015


Nth Dimension

Being Queer and South Asian


Desi Diasporic Perspectives on Womanhood

The Lady Pista Show

Queer and South Asian

Manifest Equity

Queer and South Asian

Spreading Smiles

Being Queer is Okay

Girl x Girl

Meet Alyy Patel: A Queer South Asian Trailblazer


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Pride Toronto's [Virtual] Dyke March (2020)

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Family Acceptance & Mental Health: Desi Rainbow Parents (2020)

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Identity & Empathy: Westmount High School, Montréal, Québec (2021)


Queer South Asian Perspectives on Pride: The Ontario Government's Pride Flag Raising Ceremony


Broadcast Media

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Mayor of Burlington's Breakfast Television Show (2016)

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