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Diversity & Intersectionality Consultant


Diversity & Intersectionality Consulting

With over six years of experience as an independent Diversity & Intersectionality Consultant, Alyy facilitates educational and thought-provoking consultations that are uniquely designed to fit the client's needs.

Using a gentle lovingempathic, and play-based approach, Alyy works with clients to foster healthy, productive, and truly inclusive environments. Alyy's consultations offer both short-term and long-term solutions (interpersonal interactions, organizational culture, and institutional policy/structure).

Drawing on her academic expertise in intersectionality, Alyy develops and delivers captivating workshops, speeches, and consultations that move beyond traditional diversity and inclusion models. Her presentations are suitable for audiences with limited or advanced knowledge of intersectionality. 


If you're looking for meaningful ways to enhance diversity and inclusion, Alyy's intersectional approach to it may be a good fit. See her services below.


Major Clients

Some previous clients include:

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Facilitation Approach

Alyy firmly believes that a gentle facilitation approach is essential for diversity and inclusion education. As such, the following values are entrenched in the foundation of Alyy's consultations: play-based, loving-kindness, and empathy. This facilitation approach fosters a safer environment in which attendees feel comfortable learning and engaging in challenging self-introspection topics, such as personal privilege and unconscious bias.



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Services Offered

Workshop Facilitation

Keynote Speaker

Policy Evaluation

Research Assistant

Corporate Training

Motivational Speaker

Digital Marketing

Workplace EDI Audit


Speaker Services

Need a dynamic speaker for your next event?

Alyy Patel is a highly captivating speaker who uses a storytelling and light comedic approach to educate audiences of all ages. Since 2015, Alyy has been invited as a keynote to dozens of schools, corporations, conferences, and other professional settings to talk about LGBTQ+ inclusion, allyship, identity & mental health, Queer South Asian experiences, and more.

Alyy's presentations never fail to engage an audience.

Significant Keynotes Include:

Ontario Government: OPS (2024)

Ontario Government's Pride Flag Raising Ceremony (2022)

International Film Festival of South Asia (2020)

Pride Toronto's Dyke March (2020)

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Speaker Services

Areas of Expertise

Workshop & keynote topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Intro to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Intersectionality

  • Privilege & Power

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Empathy & Allyship

  • Cultural Competency

  • Empathic Communication

  • Inclusive Workplace Culture

  • Authenticity

  • LGBTQ+ & Queer Sensitivity

  • Gender (Non-Binary, Pronouns, etc.)

  • Queer South Asian 

  • Identity-Based Violence

  • Anti-Discrimination

  • Micro-Aggressions

  • Anti-Asian Racism

  • Mental Health

  • Navigating Shame & Guilt (Privilege)

Interested in a topic that is not listed above? Alyy's subject matter expertise is consistently expanding and ever-changing; as such, the topics above do not represent a comprehensive list. Contact Alyy to discuss the feasibility of the topics you have in mind.

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